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The LOCAL NEWS page carries an archive of previous significant local news stories which the site has published.

The FEATURES PAGE Two of the most important local developments of recent years have been the construction of the Selly Park South Flood Alleviation Scheme in 2017-18 and the rebuilding of Dogpool Lane Bridge over the River Rea in 2012 - 2013. Detailed illustrated reports of these projects can be found on the FEATURES PAGE along with a section on LOCAL FLOOD RISK.

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News and Information


Birmingham Bulletin

Welcome to Birmingham Bulletin (published fortnightly by Birmingham City Council) with the latest news, information, events and clean air consultation. To read this latest edition dated 13th July 2018 please click HERE.

Flash flooding Sunday 27 May


The River Rea at its peak level at 18:45BST with the flood defence wall and bund on the right preventing floodwater from escaping towards Dogpool Lane and Fashoda Road.

In a period of around 3 hours in the late afternoon/early evening the Selly Park and Edgbaston areas received 82mm of rain. In just one hour between 5pm and 6pm there was 59mm of rain. To put this in context the long term average total monthly rainfall for here is 62mm. The rainfall on Sunday was a new record in terms of quantity and intensity. Also the level of the River Rea at the Calthorpe Park gauge which has been operational for half a century set a new record high. The Selly Park river level gauge which went operational in 2009 also recorded a new record high on Sunday.

Despite the very high river level there was NO river flooding in the Selly Park South neighbourhood. This was because of the new Selly Park South Flood Alleviation Scheme flood defences which became operational in December last year. The scheme is designed to safely contain flood water upstream of Dogpool Bridge and then release it downstream as the river level falls. This also controls the level of the Rea through Selly Park North protecting that neighbourhood from flooding from the Rea. The severe flooding in Selly Park North (Sir Johns Road and the Avenues) resulted from a combination of floodwater from the Bourne Brook and surface water flooding. A flood alleviation scheme to prevent flooding from the Bourne Brook is underway but not yet complete.

The flooding which occurred in Selly Park South on Moor Green Lane, Dogpool Lane, Fashoda Road, Cecil Road, lower Hobson Road and lower Kitchener Road was surface water flooding caused by the torrential rainfall overwhelming the drainage system. Very regrettably some properties suffered some incursion of water and despite the Flood Action Group requesting sandbags from Birmingham City Council it was not possible to deliver these in time because of the speed of the flooding and the traffic chaos which blocked many main roads including Pershore Road and Bristol Road. With further storms possible this week the City Council arranged a precautionary delivery of 200 sandbags to the locations in our neighbourhood most at risk, namely Fashoda Road between Hobson Road and Dogpool Lane and the Moor Green Lane houses by Dogpool Bridge. Also air brick covers were distributed in the same locations.

Birmingham Connected

Birmingham Connected brings you a wide range of information about latest local travel and transport news, plans and strategy. For details, including the late May/early June half term holiday week, please click HERE and then follow the READ OUR BULLETIN link.

Crime in the local neighbourhood


Recently there has been a spate of burglaries or attempted burglaries in the local area by means of LOCK SNAPPING. This is when the protruding oval cylinder on a door lock is snapped off with a tool, which allows manipulation of the interior of the lock and thus allows the burglar(s) to enter the premises. You can have your lock cylinders changed to anti-snap locks to prevent this from happening by contacting a reputable local locksmith.


Recently there has also been a spate of shed and garage break-ins in the local area. For advice on protecting against this sort of crime please click HERE.

You can email our local Selly Oak Neighbourhood Police on: sellyoak@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk


20 mph speed limit introduced in Selly Park South

Dogpool Lane, Cecil Road, Fashoda Road, Hobson Road, Kitchener Road and Manilla Road are now included within the South Birmingham 20 mph speed restriction zone, as indicated by the large "20" road sign discs at the start of the zone and the small "20" repeater discs mounted on lamp posts at various places along the roads included.

Domestic waste and recycling


Collections are on WEDNESDAYS. Please make sure that your wheelie bins (or rubbish sacks/boxes for addresses which do not have wheelie bins) are put out on the footway on Tuesday evenings ready for collection from early Wednesday morning. Do not put them out any earlier than Tuesday evening please.

Weekly collections of general waste and alternating fortnightly collection of general recycling and green garden waste recycling. Please ensure that recycling and household rubbish is separated and placed into the correct bins.

On WEDNESDAY 25th JULY - GREEN GARDEN RECYCLING BINS. The first green waste collection of the new season for subscribers of this service. To subscribe please click HERE.

On WEDNESDAY 1st AUGUST - BLUE LID RECYCLING BINS containing paper, glass and plastic recycling will be collected.

For a reminder of the rules regarding suitability of materials for recycling please click HERE.

Residents can also take waste and recycling to the BCC-Veolia Lifford Lane depot. Summer hours of opening from the start of April are as follows:
Monday to Friday 08:00 to 20:00
Saturday and Sunday 08:00 to 18:00. No vans after 16:00)
To view a webcam image in order to monitor the queue at the depot entrance please click HERE. The image can take a while to load so please be patient.

Neighbourhood Forum Meetings

FORUM OPEN PUBLIC MEETINGS are normally held in October, February, May and July (AGM).

These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss local matters of interest or concern and to inform residents of developments affecting the local area.

The most recent meeting was the Open Meeting which was held on TUESDAY 15th MAY 2018.

The next meeting is the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING which will be held at 7.30pm on TUESDAY 17th JULY at Christ Church, 953 Pershore Road, Selly Park B29 7PS.

If you need to get in touch with the Forum between meetings then please use the CONTACT US page of this website.

Selly Oak MP's Constituency and Birmingham City Council Bournbrook and Selly Park Ward Councillors' Advice Desks

Steve McCabe, MP for Birmingham Selly Oak parliamentary constituency has his monthly advice desk for local residents at Christ Church, 953 Pershore Road, Selly Park B29 7PS on the first Saturday of each month except when the first Saturday falls on the 1st in which case the date will be the second Saturday (the 8th). Steve is in attendance from 10.30am to 12 noon and no appointment is required - residents are seen in private and in order of arrival.

Cllr Brigid Jones and Cllr Karen McCarthy, our local City Councillors, hold their advice desks at the samr time, dates and venue.

Future dates can be checked by clicking HERE.

About this website

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